• The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 8)

    We continuous with SEURASAAREN ULKOMUSEO, it's a small island in the westside of Helsinki. 

    It has been created in 1909, to illustrate the finnish lifestyle. For this open-air museum, they imported several houses of all the province. 87 farms and habitats from XVIII until XX century whose a wooden church from 1686. 

    This is very interesting and cute, you can see a lot of squirrels, of ducks. 





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  • My Trip in Saint Pétersburg 

    I went in Russia from 30 april to 4 may. It was a fabulous experience. I learnt a lot about the history of this beautiful city built by Peter the Great. Moreover, it was very cheap and we had a lot of fun. 




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  • THE END...

    Thank you for following me during my Erasmus Trip in Finland. It is already the end. 


    Me in the plane with my grandparents 

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