Come to discover my blog which explain, tell, relate, describe my wonderful trip in Helsinki...

  • Hello everybody! 

    I arrived the 10th January by the plane from Paris.

    Then, I joined my friends already here. To be honest, I was sad to come in a new country for a long time without see my family and my friendscry. But after 6-7 days I was feeling better.

    The first day we hadn't visit a lot because we had to organize ourselves, the apartment, some groceries etc.

    The first week, we have had an orientation week to explain ourselves the rules of the school but also of the country and the different activities we can do, thing we have to do etc. During this week, I had met a lot of exchange students but unfortunately there are too much French people in Finland (and isn't good for my english!!wink2).

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  • Some informations about the life in Helsinki.

    First of all, there are about 5,5 millions of persons in Finland, for 600.000 persons in the capital. The surface of Helsinki is 338,145 km2. So it isn't like in France, no lot of people on the square meter. It's an archipelago of 316 islands bathed by the Baltic Sea. The money is Euro. The national GPD is in 2015 of 201,7 billions of euros and per person is of 35.900€ There are 2 languages officials: Finnish and Swedish. The national holiday is the 6 december. 

    About religion, the most present is Protestant Lutheran Religion (84%), after Orthodox Religion.

    You have to know there is 1 hour more than in France. In winter, the longer of the day is short (approximately 6 hours)frown but in summer it's the opposite (approximately 19 hours). 

    Moreover, in winter the temperature is very very very cold, you can reach the minus 30 degrees. To me the more colder was -19. You can see that in the picture. 

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  • History of the Finland

    • Swedish Domination: Middle Ages at 1809
    • Russian Domination: 1809 at 1917
    • Independence: 6th december of 1917
    • 1952: The Olympics Games 
    • 1955: ONU's member
    • 1995: Come in the European Union
    • 2000: European Capital of Culture 

    Political Aspect

    • First President of the Republic: K.J. STAHLBERG 
    • 1944: An area of the Finland have been ceded at the Russia. 
    • Considerable President: K. KALLIO (1937-1940) 
    • Actual President: S. NIINISTO

    Economic Aspect

    • Technologies and Services 
    • Skilled Workforce
    • Suffers of Recession 
    • Big falls of Nokia
    • Renewable energy 



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  • The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 1)

    I visited a lot of monument, every weeks I discover an new thing. I like this town and learn more about it. I want share with you...


    It's the Lutheran Cathedral (=Cathédrale Luthérienne) (1830-1852) draw by ENGEL, then completed by LORHMANN. It's like a tempe. Inside gilding and the effigy of LUTHER, AGRICOLA and MELANCHTON. It is situated in the Senate Place, the white and the green domes are very beautiful. 



    It's the Senate Place (=Place du Sénat) with the statue of Tsar Alexandre II. In this place qui can count 400.000 cobblestones!! For the history, this place should be like Saint-Pétersbourg so combine Religious Power - Politic Power - Academic Power. 

    I think it's in the top of my favorite place. yescool

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    It's a contemporary art museum which has opened in 1998. This building has been created by S. HOLL. 

    For the moment it's my favorite museum..


    Inside we can see some extraordinary and wonderful thing which ask a lot of work.




    A reconfiguration of some make-up object. 


    "Jan KAILA has taken black and white photographs of newborn babies. A portrait is traditionally regarded as a picture of identity and individuality. In these pictures, KAILA has captured a moment when identity has not yet formed. Newborns are open to influence and experience the world primarily through their senses. Their faces do not express character or seek contact with the viewer. Attention is drawn to individual facial features and to the similarity of the multitude."


    In the last floor we can some art but with another type: a quirky art. 





    Then, 2 things which 'shock' me, and I have really appreciated.

    The first it's a composition with sign of homeless man who ask some money, food, etc. 


    The second thing, is a sentence.



    So, if you come in Helsinki, you have to visit this museum!! And Enjoy it yes 


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  • Landscapes & Life in Finland (Part 1)

    Here you can see some scattered pictures that I want to share with you kiss cool







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  • My dad's painting

    He loves paint, when he knew that I was go in Helsinki, he started to paint a street of Helsinki and he finished when I was already at Helsinki. So I have been in this street to compare winter/summer.

    I will leash you to see this wonderful painting!!!

    The picture


    The painting


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