• The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 3) 


    Here you can see the sanctuary built by Engel in 1826, named "Old Church" (=Vieille Eglise). For the anecdote, the nave blue and white is a vestige of church disappeared on the Senate Place. The thing very strange on this place there are several graves.



    Art Museum Ateneum (=Musée d'art Ateneum) with an antique façade built by C.T. Höijer in 1887.



    The statue of the famous president Kallio in front of the national museum.

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  • Sport in Finland

    In Finland, there are several sports practiced. The most famous is the Ice Hockey, there are 75.000 licensees member, they play at the international level, the most know are Teemu SelänneSaku KoivuAntero Niittymäki and Jari Kurri.

    The national sport is the Pesäpallo created in 1910, mix between baseball and cricket. 

    Finns like also automobile sport (Formula 1 and Rally). There are also strong in athleticism, we note the name of  Hannes Kolehmainen, Paavo Nurmi and Ville Ritola. But also the Ski Jumping, which very famous. To finish there is the football, even if at the international level, there are not so good. 


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  • The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 2)

    We can continuous with a beautiful Orthodox Church (=Eglise Orthodoxe) built in 1868, the largest of the Occident. All in  red bricks. 





    The Central Station (=Gare Centrale) created in 1909 by the architect E. SAARINEN. A building in pink granite with a clock tower of 48 meter and 4 giant statues nicknamed "The lamps holders" (=Les porteurs de lampes).




    Then we have National Theatre (=Théâtre National) built in 1902 by O. TARJANNE. It is the first theatre in finnish language it gave the finnish identity for the country. In front of we can see Aleksis KIVI the famous national novelist. 




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  • My dad's painting

    He loves paint, when he knew that I was go in Helsinki, he started to paint a street of Helsinki and he finished when I was already at Helsinki. So I have been in this street to compare winter/summer.

    I will leash you to see this wonderful painting!!!

    The picture


    The painting


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  • Landscapes & Life in Finland (Part 1)

    Here you can see some scattered pictures that I want to share with you kiss cool







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