• Local News Story

    Peak Radioactivity observed in Helsinki, a concentration of 4000 microbecquerels per cubic meter. It is 1000 times the normal level. There is nothing to worry about, the place has been identified and there is no risk for the society according to the STUK ( Finnish Nuclear Regulator). 

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    It is the museum of Design installed since 1978 in a neogothic edifice. The museum of Design exist since 1873, used by art's student. Today, we find a lot of big artist like V. JUNG, V. VALLGREN A. AALTO, E. AAMIO. 

    You must know that Finland is the country of design since a long time. 




    Behind us, there are chisels of the brand Fiskars                   .




    Here you have a mosaic table               &                                     a fashion chair 



    Flight Attendant's Clothes




    The first phone of Nokia                                          

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  • University Profile 

    It's very interesting to see a french student in a class and other students. We see the difference on the way of work. A french student, often, work only if there is assignment after. Moreover a french student talk with his friends during the class, this may seem to rudeness but I don't think so. 

    An other difference in class is the lesson. Here the professor prefers talk and discuss about the subject during the class instead of dictate the course. The course will be online after the lesson. 

    Moreover, there are a lot of group work, and throughout the semester, there are meeting/ feedback with the professor.


    In our section, there isn't any association for student. Except METKA which is an association to help student in Helsinki etc but students can't participate. 


    There is an organism, ESN, it deals with the organization of visits (Helsinki, Fazer's Factory, etc) and of trips (Pirate Boat, St Petersburg, etc). 


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  • Landscapes & Life in Finland (Part 5)

    Here you can see some scattered pictures that I want to share with you kiss cool



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  • Local News Story 

    A political party has been created dedicated to whiskey. Its objective is to fight against the alcohol policy judged too restrictive. Kansallinen Viskipuolue obtained 5000 signatures to have its official registration. 

    They promise to fight against the bureaucracy, the regulation and the state control judged too excessive. Moreover they want to fight against tax too high concerning alcohol. This party want participate in municipal elections in 2018.  



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