• THE END...

    Thank you for following me during my Erasmus Trip in Finland. It is already the end. 


    Me in the plane with my grandparents 

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  • My Trip in Saint Pétersburg 

    I went in Russia from 30 april to 4 may. It was a fabulous experience. I learnt a lot about the history of this beautiful city built by Peter the Great. Moreover, it was very cheap and we had a lot of fun. 




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  • The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 8)

    We continuous with SEURASAAREN ULKOMUSEO, it's a small island in the westside of Helsinki. 

    It has been created in 1909, to illustrate the finnish lifestyle. For this open-air museum, they imported several houses of all the province. 87 farms and habitats from XVIII until XX century whose a wooden church from 1686. 

    This is very interesting and cute, you can see a lot of squirrels, of ducks. 





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  • Geopolitics 

    Finland hasn't internal conflict. Concerning the external aspect, since the eighties (period of Finlandization by URSS) Finland hasn't conflict with its neighbouring country. 

    The baltic is an area both maritime and multi-secular politics. It's a place of competition and cooperation between power with sometimes conflicting interests. 

    However since the Ukrainian crisis, the Nordic countries have been forced to reconsider their defense policy and their alliances. Finland trains about 230 000 soldiers, only for ground troops. This large army, one of the most modern in Europe, which has US combat aircraft F / A-18 Hornet US and sophisticated missiles, and a small naval force with advanced materials, form a fairly deterrent tool. Finnish society is also very stable, which makes the country fairly resistant to cope with the destabilizing techniques used by Russia in Ukraine.

    Finns are convinced that the country must ensure its own survival, that person will never come to his aid. So, between 60% and 70% of citizens are opposed since 20 years to the country's entry into NATO. But for security, the European Union is the preferred option by Finland which has called for increased military cooperation between European in the 90's to strengthen their collective capabilities for crisis management, and more recently in favor a strengthening of territorial defense component.

    Sweden and Finland plan to have in 2023 a permanent bilateral naval force to patrol, hunt suspects submarines and support each other in case of military attack.

    Finland has increase its military budget. At operational level a series of violations of the airspace of the country, as well as aviation and submarine foreign have held on alert Finnish forces during 2015. The country needs to maintain good relations with Russia, while being a member of an opposing camp at Moscow to which the EU applies sanctions. Implying meetings at the highest political level.


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  • Landscapes & Life in Finland (Part 7)

    Here you can see some scattered pictures that I want to share with you kiss cool

    Here you can see Porvoo, it's the second typical city of Finland after Turku. It became a city in 1380, it was an important shopping center. Its historical heart represent the former warehouses in red bricks on the river, which once housed products destined at all the Europe. 




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