• The SAMI

    The Sami are the indigenous inhabitants of the Lapland. There are dispersed in 4 countries (Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway). Their origin dates back to 4000 years. The status of the Sami as an indigenous people has been registered in the Finnish Constitution in 1995. The belonging is defined by the use of the Sami's language like native language. 

    The first Sami was some nomadic group, was living by hunting, fishing and picking. Originally, they were made up of several families who lived in the kota, a traditional habitat resembling at a tipi. They believed that all the elements of the nature had a soul. In the 1950's the mechanization ended the nomadism, they became sedentary. 

    Their life has always been focused on the reindeer. They consumed their meat, their milk, their fur, etc. Never ask to a Sami how many reindeer he has. It's a personal subject like the wage for us. mad

    The Sami's rights are supranational. They have a national day (6th february) and a flat. They are also a political party and elect a parliament. In Finland, the parliament Samediggi has been created in 1973 in Inari. Its 21 members and 4 representatives are elected all the 4 years and make sure the good distribution of subvention, but also take care about education, Sami's language, reindeer's farmers, and represent the Sami at international. 


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