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    The first week in Helsinki, we had an introductory week to present the school, the city, how to move in Helsinki. We met our referent teacher and some student to help us. We resolved every administrative documents. Everybody was very nice with us. 

    The first week it was a class of all news erasmus students. There were person coming from Mexico, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, South Korea, etc. It was so fun to see this mix of culture in a room. But the next week, the class was different, because we has been mixed with other student here since the last semester. Moreover, like we had the choice for the courses, we never aren't with the same person. It's not the same system in France. 



    Here the schedule is always the same. Generally, those are courses of 3 hours but it can vary according to the professor. For me, I have class Monday (8h-10h & 12h30-15h30), Tuesday (10h-11h30 & 13h-15h) and Thursday (9h-11h). I chose an intensive course, that I have had the two first week the Friday (13h-20h). 

    Concerning the holidays, we have had two week in february (22-6) and one week in march (29-3).  

    The problem that I met, it's here almost everybody is in third or fourth year, so they have the foundations, so it's more difficult to understand and to apply certain thing, so less interesting. arf

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