• Events

    • SKABMAGOVAT: The third week on January, there is the aboriginal film festival, in Inari, in Sami. 
    • Celebration of RUNEBERG: The 5th of February, dedicated to the famous national poet. They fly the flat and eat the 'Runeberg cake' made with almond and Rum. 
    • TERVAHIIHTO: During March, in Oulu, there is a competition of cross-country ski, dating back over than a century.
    • The Reindeer Race: The last Weekend of March, in Lapland 
    • PAASIAINEN: Easter Sunday, the Finns go to the church, make painting on eggs and eat mämmi. The previous Sunday, the children dress up as witches and 'bless' the neighbor who gave their candies. 
    • BIENNALE in Tampere: Just the even-numbered year, this festival celebrate the new finnish's music. 
    • VAPPU: The May 1, dedicated for students and employees, show the beginning of Summer. The most of Finns make picnic in parks. 
    • JUHANNUS: Saint-Jean is the bigger celebration during the weekend next to the 21 June.  Finns go to campaign, dance around Joy lights to celebrate the longest day.
    • Helsinki PAIVA: The 12th of June, celebration of Helsinki with a lot of manifestation and activities around the Esplanade Park. 
    • RUISROCK: The oldest rock festival of Finland, during the beginning of July on an island next to Turku.
    • UNIKEONPAIVA: In July, in Naantali, the laziest (often the mayor or other important person) is thrown into the sea early in the morning. 
    • Neste Oil Rally Finland: In Jyväskylä, during the beginning of august, there is the local race world championship.
    • SIIRRETTAVIEN SAUNOJEN: During August, there is a competition of sauna construction. 
    • Market of Herring: The first week of october, the traditional outdoor market in Helsinki since 1743. 
    • ITSENAISYYSPAIVA: The 6th of December, the Independence Day with fireworks and concerts. 


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