• Cultural habits 

    • The love of nature: Finnish people don't travel a lot, for them there isn't country too wonderful than their country. In July, the atmosphere is happy and relaxing
    • The SISU: Tenacity_ The particularity of Finns' character, to explain their capacity to resist and to survive at difficulties at the same time remaining independent. 
    • The Sauna: More of 2 millions for 5,2 millions of Finns. Before, it was also used for women to give birth. Today, the nudity is reserve to family, otherwise women and men go alternately. The ideal temperature is around 80 degrees, the sauna is composed of wood. 
    • The Sadness: The darkness of winter can put a strain on morale. The seasonal depression is widespread, we note a strong alcoholism rate. 
    • The Silence: The Finns prefer to say nothing than to chat unnecessarily. 
    • The 'Cult of automobiles': Sport Exploit, Vintage Car or Vehicle Maintenance, Finns attach a great importance. They follow Formula 1 race with a lot of passion. 
      • Anecdote: In Finland, the amount of the fine depend of the salary. 



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