• Domestic Policy  

    Finland is a republic, parliamentary democracy. The Head of State is Sauli NIINISTO since 2012, he is from Conservative Party. The Head of Government is different is name is Juha SIPILA since 2015, he is from Centrist Party. We see 2 different party work together. It was the first time, since 1982, that the presidency isn't at the Social-Democratic Party. The president has a mandate of 6 years, renewable once time. 

    However, there were a review of the Constitution in 2000 which gives less power at President. Today the President leads a foreign policy of the country with the government which detains the power for EU matters.   


    Foreign Policy 

    Finland came in EU in 1995. It adopted almost all the policies like the European currency. It applied Stability and Growth Pact  and respected the budget deficit criteria as well as the debt level. It contributes at Common Security and Defense Policy. The figure of deputy in European Parliament is of 13 on 754 and the number of voices in the EU Council is of 7 on 345. Finland participates, depending on its scale, allocated 13 billions of euros for EU between 2007-2013. 

    For the moment, it participates of maintaining of peace in collaboration with the United Nations. But Finland has complicated relationship with Russian. 


    Economic Situation

    It was the main issue of the election campaign because Finland is in recession since 3 years with an unemployment rate of 9% and the increase of public deficit. This could be explain by the loss of competitiveness at export and a loss of trust for the investment. We can explain the loss at export because of difficulties of Russian's economy and the depreciation of the Swedish currency. Moreover, the drop of Nokia played a lot in the recession. 

    Since the arrival of the Head of State, some decisions have been taken to reduce the government spending. Like more flexible work or encourage the women's employment with children. But also reduce the paid leave. We will know more in June 2016. 

    However, the growth rates increases between 2014 to 2015 of 0.5 points. Finland has a inflation rate of 1.4%. Unfortunately, the national debt increase also between 2014 to 2015 of 2.7 points. The trade balance is in deficit of 2.4 millions of euros. 

    The customers principals is Sweden, Russian, Germany, Holland, USA and UK. The suppliers principals id Sweden, Russian, Germany, Holland, Denmark, France. 

    Their majors area are Service (68,7%), Agriculture (2,9%), Industry (29,2%).  


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