It's a contemporary art museum which has opened in 1998. This building has been created by S. HOLL. 

    For the moment it's my favorite museum..


    Inside we can see some extraordinary and wonderful thing which ask a lot of work.




    A reconfiguration of some make-up object. 


    "Jan KAILA has taken black and white photographs of newborn babies. A portrait is traditionally regarded as a picture of identity and individuality. In these pictures, KAILA has captured a moment when identity has not yet formed. Newborns are open to influence and experience the world primarily through their senses. Their faces do not express character or seek contact with the viewer. Attention is drawn to individual facial features and to the similarity of the multitude."


    In the last floor we can some art but with another type: a quirky art. 





    Then, 2 things which 'shock' me, and I have really appreciated.

    The first it's a composition with sign of homeless man who ask some money, food, etc. 


    The second thing, is a sentence.



    So, if you come in Helsinki, you have to visit this museum!! And Enjoy it yes 


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