• My Trip In Tallinn

    Some pictures of my Trip in Tallinn, in Estonia, with friends. We have took the boat earlier as soon as possible to have the possibility to see everything. Actually, we have visited only the old town in the center of Tallinn and as it's small 3 hours it's enough. Anyway it was a good day, this city is very colorful, it's nice to see. 


    In the first picture you can see the frozen sea of boat's view.



    "The three sisters" it was the merchants' house today it's a hotel.





    It's the city hall's place. We can see the gothic style in this place and the city hall have been built between XIII century to 1404.



    The Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral built in 1900 during the domination of Russian Empire (1721-1917). It's a beautiful orthodox cathedral and inside we can see mosaic and some religious icon. 



    We finish with the passage Sainte Catherine (like my mother wink2). We can see medieval atmosphere thanks to building of XV-XVII century. 


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