• The famous monument in Helsinki  (Part 1)

    I visited a lot of monument, every weeks I discover an new thing. I like this town and learn more about it. I want share with you...


    It's the Lutheran Cathedral (=Cathédrale Luthérienne) (1830-1852) draw by ENGEL, then completed by LORHMANN. It's like a tempe. Inside gilding and the effigy of LUTHER, AGRICOLA and MELANCHTON. It is situated in the Senate Place, the white and the green domes are very beautiful. 



    It's the Senate Place (=Place du Sénat) with the statue of Tsar Alexandre II. In this place qui can count 400.000 cobblestones!! For the history, this place should be like Saint-Pétersbourg so combine Religious Power - Politic Power - Academic Power. 

    I think it's in the top of my favorite place. yescool

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