• Some informations about the life in Helsinki.

    First of all, there are about 5,5 millions of persons in Finland, for 600.000 persons in the capital. The surface of Helsinki is 338,145 km2. So it isn't like in France, no lot of people on the square meter. It's an archipelago of 316 islands bathed by the Baltic Sea. The money is Euro. The national GPD is in 2015 of 201,7 billions of euros and per person is of 35.900€ There are 2 languages officials: Finnish and Swedish. The national holiday is the 6 december. 

    About religion, the most present is Protestant Lutheran Religion (84%), after Orthodox Religion.

    You have to know there is 1 hour more than in France. In winter, the longer of the day is short (approximately 6 hours)frown but in summer it's the opposite (approximately 19 hours). 

    Moreover, in winter the temperature is very very very cold, you can reach the minus 30 degrees. To me the more colder was -19. You can see that in the picture. 

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